Monday, December 29, 2008


There is a proposed $250 million dollar marina that is waiting on a final permit to start digging a 13 acre hole and drain Mill Creek into it. To do this, 650,000 cu yards of soil will be dug and almost a mile of stream bank will be caved in to create the harbor. This will damage, destroy and kill an endangered crayfish and its habitat, the Nashville Crayfish (Orconectes shoupi). If 50,000 people sent a dollar then..., well you can see how it adds up. Please send what you can. Legal bills have mounted. Every dollar goes towards the lawsuit. It will take that much. Stopping this marina will strengthen the Endangered Species Act!!! All the people and organizations that say they are concerned about the environment are talking out their hind end. I've asked for financial help from Ted Turner to Jimmy Buffett, from Greenpeace to World Wildlife Fund and not one dollar was sent. Hey maybe its not their cup of tea. I'm sure they've all done great things and contributed to the good of the world but they are non-confrontational. That's the "new environmental movement" the developers are laughing at all the way to the bank. I've realized this is my fight to save a crayfish, and I've got to raise the money it takes to save it. We can say "the people" saved this specie and not some corporate singer or some guy that got his start from an inheritance, Or some "feel good environmental organization" where everybody is getting paid a salary. Most of those type of people want some kind of notoriety anyway and are out of touch with the real world. All I want to do is defend the undefended. This crayfish exists only on Mill Creek in Nashville Tennessee. The area of the marina is at the mouth of the creek and the confluence with the Cumberland River. If this marina goes in it will literally block any chance of migration the crayfish has to colonize anywhere else. Since the specie is so sensitive to petroleum it is unlikely it will survive coming in contact with the area. Please visit for more info. or send whatever you can to Save The Cumberland P.O. Box 247 Pegram Tn. 37143. Happy Waterways, Capt. Vic Scoggin Founder/President Save The Cumberland Inc. "I take no salary, I accept no compromises, I take no prisoners"... "No Excuses"

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